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“I really enjoyed reading Antique Mirror. It was quick, light, but with some suspense. Because it’s a short read, the suspense parts are minimal, but works well with the story. The pace is very fast, so there is never a dull moment. I happily give this book a 5-star rating!”

Highly recommended to those who like quick reads with a little suspense and romance.” 

Victoria is a budding artist who buys an old farm to renovate the old cabin and barn for her home and art gallery. 

Days after moving in, she keeps noticing shadows from an antique mirror over the fireplace left by the previous owners. One evening after talking with her art dealer, Max, she’s relaxing in front of the fire when a man appears on other side of the mirror. 

He begins to talk to Tori, and she’s drawn to him. Curious more than anything, she places her hand on the mirror and is pulled into another dimension. 

Jonathan’s been living in the cursed mirror for over a hundred years, and Victoria is his only hope of escape, but the young witch Jasmine has other plans.

Will Tori and Jonathan’s relationship endure the test of time?

Read Antique Mirror Free Today!

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My next project is The Witches of Hant Hollow by D.F. Jones, copyright 2017, all rights reserved. Release date TBA. Prequel to my short story, Antique Mirror. 

The Witches Curse

Jonathan gazed upon the face of his lovely bride while making love to her for the first time. Holding her in his arms until he reached the moment of ecstasy. 

Mae gasped for breath and then her eyes rolled back into her head. She lay limp in Jonathan’s arms as he screamed her name.

He glanced up, and in the back doorway, stood Jasmine, the young woman he rescued from stoning. She pointed her finger at him–reciting words he couldn’t understand.

In an instant, Jonathan was cast into the antique mirror. He braced his hands on the inside of glass watching helplessly as Mae lay dead on the other side.

Jonathan pounded the glass and screamed, “Why? Why have to done this to me?” 

Jasmine shook her head slowly as tears glistened in her eyes. “I’m sorry.”

The mirror clouded over, and he could no longer see the other side.

In disbelief, he looked about the cabin. Everything seemed the same but he knew it was different. 

Jonathan ran out the door toward town. The moment he crossed his property line, he stood back in the same spot in the cabin.

He screamed again and ran to the back of the woods. When Jonathan reached the end of his property, he climbed over the barbed wire fence, and landed back inside on the cabin floor.

He sat and stared at the wooden walls in a state of confusion. 

The rumors were true! Jasmine was a witch, and she’d killed Mae, and cast him into a mirrored existence of what used to be his life with no way to escape.

I’ll keep posting excerpts during the project!