Shifter’s Magic (The Wolvers Book 8) Kindle Edition by Jacqueline Rhoades (Author)

I apologize for not posting for awhile but I have been working hard on my new book.

But that’s for another post.

I haven’t read many shifter books but I love Jackie’s writing style and downloaded her new book, Shifter’s Magic (The Wolvers Book 8) by Jacqueline Rhodes.


Magic is found in the heart…

For Olivia Dawson, there’s nothing magic about the holidays. They’re only a convenient excuse to return home to her wolver pack where she can lick her wounds before she moves on. She won’t have to admit the truth. She won’t have to ask for the forgiveness she doesn’t deserve. She’s made so many mistakes, but the worst was leaving the wolver who shared her heart. That’s a mistake that can’t be fixed. Love lost can never be reclaimed.

As far as Brad Seaward is concerned, Livvy Dawson can’t move on soon enough. It doesn’t matter if his wolf comes alive at the sight of her. Once burned, twice shy is Brad’s motto and that hot little wolver burned his dreams to ash. Sure, he always knew it would end that way, but knowing didn’t take away the pain. So why take a second chance when the outcome will be the same?

But this is Gilead, a place with a magic all its own, where hearts are warm, secrets are hard to keep, and pack comes first. There’s shifter magic in the air as the Alpha’s Mate enlists the help of those around her to bring these two lovers back together – with a bonus for the pack.

My Review:

I stayed up way into the wee hours of the morning to finish Shifter’s Magic. I love the chemistry between Brad and Livvy, and how the community of Wolver’s cared for each other, especially the ending!

I’ve read several of the author’s books and adore her writing style. Action. Romance. Humor.

Highly recommend this one night read!