Why offer Free and 99 Cent E-books?

Did you know in most cases it costs more to buy a can of soda, a bottle of water or a Starbucks coffee than it does to purchase and download an e-book?

Why offer #Free and #99Cents E-books?

I love my books! Most of my e-books list for $2.99 which is about average on Amazon, but I offer ebook deals to attract more readers both for free and at 99 cents. It’s the old supply and demand rule. FYI- Kindle Unlimited is the new library. 

My print editions  prices are competitive, and I only discount my paperbacks at events and book signings. 

The E-book price doesn’t reflect the quality at all. As with anything, the more put into something, the more you get out of it. Remember what our parents used to say, “Practice makes perfect.” I invest an enormous amount of time and money on the development of a new manuscript. 

Just an FYI, my media company, Jones Media is approaching twenty successful years. I write because I’m in love with the creative process of developing a storyline. 

Writing takes me to a place where anything is possible and fiction takes me to a place made of dreams!

Every project is new and exciting. I want my readers to enjoy the story as much as I do. 

I chose to write as an independent author to keep control over my work and my copyrights. Thirty years of deadlines in marketing is enough reason to write as an Indie. 

Never say never, but at this time, I don’t see the benefits for me to seek traditional publishing because most authors must market their books. The book industry is evolving so rapidly it’s hard to keep up. Oh yeah, did I mention I own an ad agency. I choose to keep the lionshare of my earnings.

A sad fact, mom and pops, and larger retail stores are closing their physical doors because buyers love the convenience of buying online.  

You have readers that will always want printed books. But I love ebooks for two main reasons: I can adjust the font size and it saves trees.

There are so many wonderful authors and books available at a fraction of what it used to cost to buy a book. Personally, I would rather read than watch TV any day of the week, and I don’t mind paying for the books. 

Facebook has tons of reading groups for every genre. Plus, you make new friends talking about books!

The next time you shop for a book, read the free excerpt available at most booksellers. 

Verified reviews help too.  

Support the local authors in your area and the independent authors who swim across a vast ocean of book titles.  NY Best Selling Authors don’t need the help but new and independent authors will never forget you when you support their work. 

If you enjoy a book, share it with a friend, post a review, and tell the author. Most authors I’ve met love chatting with their readers. 

I love my readers! I want to thank the thousands of readers supporting my books, and I look forward to sharing my new project, Spinning Time, a time travel romance releasing on May 2, 2017.

Spinning Time’s Special Preorder Pricing is just #99Cents. 

Spinning Time Kindle Fire Giveaway (4/14) Once you’ve preorder Spinning Time, register for a chance to win a Kindle Fire during release week must enter order number on the form. (May 2)-click here:

Happy Reading!

D.F. Jones 


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