Piracy is a real problem for artists, authors, musicians, filmmakers, etc.

But it hurts you, the consumer too. Most sites that offer stuff for free are phishing scams to take over your computer, steal identities and more. 

Nearly all of my books have been pirated, and I try to post periodically as a reminder to my followers. 

There’s the train of thought that those people downloading my books illegally aren’t my readers and would never pay for a book so why bother. It’s the principle for me. 

So once again, I’ve sent takedown notices.

Most of my readers know that I gift my books often in Contests, FB parties, and on Release Day.

The digital copy of Ruby’s Choice is Free and available at most online book sellers: Amazon, ITunes, Barnes&Noble, KoBo, Scribd
(Amazon also sells to other stores like Walmart) 

My other digital books are exclusive with Amazon Kindle. Anna’s Way, Sandy’s Story, Ditch Lane Diaries series, and Antique Mirror, anywhere else, it’s illegal. 

Please feel free to message me if you see my books on any suspicious site. 

Thank you!
D.F. Jones


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